SADES Draco (White) Professional High Quality Leather Gaming Office Chair
SADES Draco (White) Professional High Quality Leather Gaming Office Chair

SADES Draco (White) Professional High Quality Leather Gaming Office Chair

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Draco professional gaming chair is designed with ergonomic structure. The soft PU leather, high backrest, reasonable seat size, adjustable height & tilt angle, 4D armrest, detachable headrest and lumbar cushion make the chair suitable for extended gaming sessions. The maximum weight capacity of Draco is 160kg.
FEATURE EASY TO ASSEMBLE Some of the components are pre-installed. Follow the process of the instruction and you will finish installing with 30-40 minutes. ERGONOMIC DESIGN It is designed based on the prototype of racing cars seats, which ease the pressure of the spine from long-time sitting. STURDY 5 STAR STEEL BASE By using a premium grade steel base with the max load of 1300kg, Draco is more durable and long-lasting compared to nylon based counterpart. LOAD-BEARING UP TO 160KG Draco supports users up to 160kg with the sturdy structure and premium components. ADJUSTABLE DESIGN The SADES Draco is adjustable in many ways, such as the height of chair seat, the angle of backrest, the tilt angle, the directions of armrests. STYLISH APPEARANCE With the high quality PU leather, stylish design and embroidered cushions, Draco could be a decoration of your space.
SIZE Width Armrests: 10cm
Depth Armrests: 27cm
Armrests Height: 65cm ~ 77.5cm
Seat Size: 47.5*52.5cm
Chair Seat Height: 49cm ~ 55cm
Backrest Shoulder Width: 56cm
Backrest Pelvis Width: 55cm
Backrest Height: 86cm
MATERIALS Leather Materials: PU
Foam type: Moduled Foam
Foam Density(Backrest): 65kg/m3
Foam Density(Seat): 70kg/m3
Foam Hardness(Backrest): 75
Foam Hardness(Seat): 65
ADJUSTABLE ANGLE Armrests Directions: Up/Down, Forward/Rear, Side to Side, Rotates ± 20°
Backrest: 90°~170°
Multi-function Mechanism: 0°~13°
Gross Weight: 29kg
Package Size: 86*71*35 cm/33.86*27.95*13.78 in
EAN Code: 6956766907821
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